The countries Citizenship by Investment programme still holds it’s place as Europe’s quickest CBI programme. Following an investment of €2,000,000 + costs, it is possible to obtain an EU passport within just 6 months which in turn allows one to live, work or study anywhere in the EU. HandS and its associates (Lawyers and Accountants) can take on all procedural and investment proposals on real estate, including new projects designed exclusively for those interested in any area in Cyprus. Investors for citizenship could also consider buying a number of real estate in this particular development to meet the required amount of € 2,000,000.

VISA - Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus

HandS and its associates (lawyers, accountants and consultants) specializing in immigration will inform you of the requirements of the whole process. Regulation 6 (2) provides for the Quick Stay Licensing Agreement for buyers of immovable property worth more than € 300,000 + VAT. Applicants in this category are entitled to benefit from the Quick Exit License, issued within three months. An immigration permit gives you the right to reside permanently in Cyprus. Removes you from any entry and control process. In addition, family members can also apply (husband, children under 18 and economically dependent children up to 25 years of age). Applicants should have: In Cyprus, one or two new properties and the total cost of which must amount to at least € 300,000 (excluding VAT). Real estate can be two homes or a home & office or a home & a store. At least € 200,000 must have already been paid and your money must have been transferred from abroad. Guaranteed and stable annual income, which will be transferred from time to time to a bank operating in Cyprus. This income should not come from work in Cyprus but from other sources. Money that will have been transferred from abroad and deposited and committed for three years to a bank account in Cyprus.
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